Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike


The True, genuine longtail folding cargo electric bike.
It brings back to life the genuine Italian design from the sixties in a hi-tech release!
It has the top torque e-bike motor, with a super-long running battery. Folds in a minute to fit into cars, trains, campers, elevators, lifts.

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2,970.00 Incl. VAT.

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Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike

Truly compact

The most effective feature of our Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike is certainly it’s incredible compactness when folded.

Fully foldable in 30 seconds, this cargo bike can fit in any corner, standing on its tail.

We consider this a big appeal for an urban vehicle like this since it can really find a place in any garage, open space and even on lifts and elevators. With ease, really.

But it can also be loaded on a segment B cars and, of course on any train; this way the dream of effective intermodal mobility becomes true.

The measures of the Grazilla Motobus folded are:

Length: 148 cms

Height: 83 cms.

Width: 27 cms.

Long long tail.

Ok, but it is a cargo bike, so is it long?

Yes, probably the longest longtail around.

Its loading area is 112 cms long, two kids seat COMFORTABLY on it, not being squeezed on the butt of the cyclist. AT ALL.

More than this: the Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike can be equipped with many accessories including large delivery boxes and promotional items, see here what the guys from Promocycle made with our bikes.

Serious design

The Fabriga Grazilla Motobus is a cargo bike, but not just that: it is also a folding bike, a special one, probably the sturdiest around.

In fact, in order to support the hundreds of Kgs. load allowed by the frame, we designed an exclusive motor case, with a frame junction that counts on two indestructible stainless steel pillars.

Elegant solutions

When folded the Fabriga Grazilla cargo-bike is easy to handle also because we designed it for routing all the cables into its tubing.

In fact, there are up to 12 inlets laser clipped, in order to accommodate any brake, shift and powertrain cable.

This way, when you grab your bike, for instance for loading it on the car, there’s no risk (and no hassle) that any cable gets snagged somewhere.

Mindful choices

With hundreds of Kgs. loaded plus the cyclist, the Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike moves a serious mass and it does it in total safety.

The low center of gravity granted by the 20″ wheels is one of the keys for enjoying a funny, comfortable and safe ride on our cargo bikes.

More than this, we build our bikes with hi-end components such as the exclusive Fabriga Magnesium wheels and the Avid BB7, miraculously efficient and durable disk brake calipers.

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Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 150 × 30 × 85 cm

FAB 002 Specs

steel construction 20” FOLDING.
7 gears, rear derailleur.
20” 5 spokes magnesium.
100 mm. magnesium disc.
135 mm. magnesium disc.
20x2.10 maxxis miracle.
AVID BB7 calipers.
BROSE 250W Mid-drive Motor;
Li-ion 48V 17Ah/630Wh;
Gripshift plus Avid brake levers;
bmx aluminium;
bmx aluminium ahead;
22,00 Kgs;
145 cms;
50 cms.